Staying Positive in Life – Tips for Improving Your Outlook on Life

It’s the age old question. How do you stay up beat and positive amid so many pressures and challenges in your day to day live. In my Business Coaching practice I work with entrepreneurs who are holding so many balls in the air that they lose focus on what the object of their lives and their business is all about. Many of them are consumed in doing stuff. Working in their business instead of on their business. It’s hard to stay positive when it seems you are not making any progress. So how do you bring that positive attitude back into your life? Here are some tips that work for some of my clients who suffer from being over whelmed. Yes, I too practice these tips.

    • Create a personal purpose. Lets call it a mission statement but for your life. It’s not about the business you own or work for. I can tell you that it took me several weeks of introspective thought and research to get to mine. There are numerous sites on the internet that will help bring you to that point where you are ready to put it to paper. Some are religious based and some relating to finding what makes you happy. In my books happy is always good. Creating a well thought out personal purpose will help bring out your passion and harness it. The result being you will have increased your outlook on life with the benefit being a stronger positive attitude.


    • Start a Gratitude Journal. I write in mine every day. I give thanks to all the wonderful things in my life including the names of wonderful and uplifting people I meet every day. You will be amazed at what you already have. Stop. Catch your breath. Think about all the good things in your life. Write them down on purpose. I suggest you not focus on the hole in the donut but focus on the chocolate glaze. Yum.


  • Spend time with and hang out with positive minded people. They are out there. Lots of them. I suggest to you they have problems in their lives they are trying to overcome as well. The difference is their outlook. Things are good now and life will only get better. Positive minded people embrace this outlook and they are doing something about it.

It is extremely important that you be conscious of your thoughts. Turn back the negative thoughts as soon as they appear. Just plain nuke them. The sun shines on a rainy day. It’s just out of view. You know it will come back tomorrow. You should also know that your likely going to get wet when your chasing rainbows. You’ll dry off. I will close with sharing with you with my personal purpose. I hope this helps you, in achieving your new outlook that life is grand and full of abundance.

My personal purpose is to be a role model of giving, love, wisdom, credibility, personal satisfaction, learning, happiness and joy that will inspire my family, friends, customers and associates.